I have been a small business owner for 17 years. Our business had been struggling to keep up with the quick pace of technology. We had outdated, unreliable equipment which, on occasion, hindered our ability to provide the quality of care our patients expect. Our computer systems are critical for our business to function. My previous IT company was unable to promptly address my computer challenges. I am so grateful to find TXC Technologies. I now have confidence that I will receive prompt attention to my computer issues. TXC Tech even installed a device which monitors my computer network and even alerts their company of potential problems with the network before they occur! TXC Tech has always treated my business like I am their most important client. You would be hard-pressed to find a company that is more up to date on the latest technology than TXC Tech. They have allowed me to do what I do best and let them worry about the rest.

H. Craig McGregor DDS.
Bacliff Dental


I was having problems with my laptop. I wasn't able to stay on for more than 15 or 20 minutes and it would freeze up or crash. I called and was able to speak to someone about what could be wrong with it and what the cost might be.I was told to bring it in and they would have a look at it, no cost to me. After picking up my computer I am very pleased. I feel like it's a brand new laptop, runs like a charm. They did a cleaning on it ( did not charge me ) restored it to factory as I asked for and backed up my important files and restored those as well. I strongly recommend them for any computer repairs. There prices are awesome. Thank You TXC, keep up the good job. I will be bringing my computer back every 6 months for a cleaning to keep it running smooth.

-Laura Jenkins


I'm military and about to redeploy. I needed a computer operational for my wife before I left. I decided to bring in an old one that I had little hope for. Busted screen, mouse pad, and keyboard with it addition it not being able to boot. Not only did they fix the issues and restored it to when I first bought it, they saved me money in replacement parts and only replaced the screen and keyboard. It is rare for an honest company these days.

I highly suggest to anyone that needs a computer repaired to go to them. They will have it done and done proper.

-Google User


I was debating for a few weeks about what to do with my laptop, as the fan had stopped working and the laptop was shutting down when it became too hot. The phone was answered on the first call by a live person, he gave me the best over-the-phone prognosis he could, and I was all better just a little later that afternoon - knowledgeable, accommodating, and made me feel much more confident then Best Buy's PC repair department did...who wont even talk to you until you bring it, pay a standard diagnostic fee, and spend an indeterminable amount of time waiting. Thank you TXC!

-Zhen Liang


I had an issue with a laptop that was in dire need of repair. I took it in to this company and they had it back in perfect working order within 24 hours. The turn around time was a wonderful surprise as was their low service fee. I also had excellent customer service. All of my concerns and/or issues were resolved to my satisfaction and I appreciated the personal attention I received from the Technician. I highly recommend this company for any repairs you might be needing or service to your computer system(s)!!



TXC Technologies has always been able to identify and fix issues we have with our computers, both at work and at home. The staff is friendly and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of support. This is where we tell all our friends to go when they need help.

Wendy Dohm
Vanderford Air


We have used the services of TXC Technologies on numerous occasions, and couldn't be more satisfied. The entire staff has always been more than helpful, and able to exceed our expectations. Thanks again!

Mike Hutto
Cool Creations LLC